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[relnotes] [Fedora Project Wiki] Update of "Docs/Beats/Extras" by LinusWalleij

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The comment on the change is:
couple more apps

   * `gaim-guifications` - enhancements to the Gaim Instant Messenger
   * `gdesklets` - widgets for the GNOME desktop
   * `gnumeric` - powerful spreadsheet application
+  * `gramps` - genealogy application
   * `inkscape` - illustration and vector drawing application
   * `koffice` - complete office suite for the KDE desktop
   * `mail-notification` - alerts you as new mail arrives
@@ -40, +41 @@

   * `pan` - the Usenet news reader
   * `revelation` - password management utility
   * `scribus` - desktop publishing (DTP) application
+  * `wine` - a  compatibility layer to run Windows(TM) programs
   * `xfce` - lightweight desktop environment
   * `xmms` - the popular audio player
   * lots of Perl and Python tools and libraries

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