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[relnotes] [Fedora Project Wiki] Update of "Docs/Beats/Devel" by DavidLutterkort

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Add blurb about ruby search path changes

+ == Ruby ==
+ The standard search path for ruby libraries ($:) has changed in accordance with [:Packaging/Ruby:the packaging guidelines]. This includes changes to some of the entries in `Config::CONFIG` in the rbconfig module. The most important changes are
+  * `sitedir` and related directories (`sitelibdir`, `sitearchdir`) are now under `rubylibdir`, i.e. instead of `/usr/lib/site_ruby` they are underneath `/usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby`
+  * The directories for architecture-independent pure-ruby code are alwys under `/usr/lib`, even on x86_64 (where they used to be under `/usr/lib64`) This affects the `Config::CONFIG` entries `rubylibdir` and `sitelibdir`
+ Directories that were previously in `$:` remain there for the time being, so that existing code does not need to be modified (such as `/usr/lib/site_ruby`). They are deprecated though, and will be removed for FC8. Ruby RPM's should be built in accordance with the [:Packaging/Ruby:the packaging guidelines]. In particular, ruby libraries should only be installed into `sitelibdir` and `sitearchdir`; the latter should also be followe d for Ruby code that is not packaged as an RPM.

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