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[relnotes] [Fedora Project Wiki] Update of "Docs/Beats/Devel/Tools/GCC" by PaulWFrields

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  ## page was renamed from Docs/Beats/DevelTools/GCC
- == GCC Compiler Collection ==
+ === GCC Compiler Collection ===
  This release of Fedora has been built with GCC 4.1, which is included with the distribution.
- === Caveats ===
+ ==== Caveats ====
   * Fedora developers have introduced changes in the ELF .hash section that provides symbols for dynamic linking.  This new .gnu.hash section, which is produced with the new default `--hash-style=gnu` option for `gcc`, serves the same purpose as previous hash sections.  It provides, however, an approximately 50% increase in dynamic linking speed.  Binaries and libraries produced with the new hashing function are incompatible with older `glibc` and dynamic linker releases.  To use the old-style hashing routines for compatibility with older `glibc`-based systems, pass the `--hash-style=sysv` option instead.
@@ -18, +18 @@

   * The `specs` file is no longer installed on most systems. Ordinary users will not notice, but developers who need to alter the file can use the `-dumpspecs` option to generate the file for editing.
- === Code Generation ===
+ ==== Code Generation ====
   * The SSA code optimizer is now included and brings with it better constant propagation, partial redundancy elimination, load and store code motion, strength reduction, dead storage elimination, better detection of unreachable code, and tail recursion by accumulation.
   * Autovectorization is supported. This technique achieves higher performance for repetitive loop code, in some circumstances.
- === Language Extensions ===
+ ==== Language Extensions ====
   * The new sentinel attribute causes the compiler to issue a warning if a function such as `execl(char *path, const char *arg, ...)`, which requires a NULL list terminator, is missing the NULL.

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