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+ {{{#!html
+ <h2>OverView</h2>}}}
  = Fedora Core 6 Tour =
  You can find a tour filled with pictures and videos of this exciting new release at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Tours/FedoraCore6. 
- = Fedora Core 6 Release schedule =
- The current preliminary release schedule of Fedora Core 6 is available at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Core/Schedule.
  = New in Fedora Core 6 =
  This release includes significant new versions of many key components and technologies. The following sections provide a brief overview of major changes from the last release of Fedora Core. 
- = Desktop =
+ == Desktop ==
   * This release has an improved look and feel for various international languages, with a new [http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fonts/DejaVu DejaVu] default font.  
@@ -32, +31 @@

   * '''Helix Player''' has been moved to Fedora Extras, since the included '''Totem''' media player provides similar functionality.
- = Performance =
+ == Performance ==
   * All Fedora Core applications have been rebuilt using [http://sources.redhat.com/ml/binutils/2006-06/msg00418.html `DT_GNU_HASH`], which provides up to a 50% [http://lwn.net/Articles/192624/  performance boost] on applications using dynamic linking.  
@@ -50, +49 @@

   * CUPS printing service starts much more faster since it now detects devices on demand. 
- = System Administration =
+ == System Administration ==
   * The Fedora installer, '''Anaconda''', can now connect to additional repositories such as Updates and Fedora Extras, and users can install applications from these repositories directly. Support for Fedora Extras is included by default on network-connected interactive installs.
@@ -64, +63 @@

   * This release introduces a new tool, `lvm2-cluster`, for intuitively managing cluster volumes. 
- = System Level Changes =
+ == System Level Changes ==
   * Fedora Core 6 features a 2.6.18 based kernel. There are no longer separate kernels for SMP and UP processors on any architecture.  A single kernel now automatically detects your processor configuration and enables the proper bits for it.

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