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[relnotes] [Bug 433953] Bug #433750

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Summary: Bug #433750


ak axet ru changed:

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------- Additional Comments From ak axet ru  2008-02-26 04:00 EST -------
You must know, that issue available only for previous version of Fedora (7, 6,
5, ...). I really don't know what kind of hardware produce that problem, and can
speak only about my notebook. What i have: i try to run Fedora installation and
got really slow installing process. I wait for 5 minutes before see first
graphics installation screen. Then i try to set right amount of memory for my
notebook he have 1024 mb and kernel parameter mem=1000M solve that problem. If
you want do same as me, please type at syslinux logo "linux mem=1000M" and you
get it!

What you need to know: that parameter ("mem") is related to total amount of
memory of your hardware, and probably if you play with that value from 128M up
to 2048M you still don't solve slow boot for each hardware. But as i think is a
good tip in release notes for guys who want to install fedora for problematic

So, try so say in good english ;) about issues: really slow boot process, and
describe possible solution for that: play with mem parameter from 128M up to
2047M related to PC total amount of memory

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