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Re: Not good

Gene Czarcinski wrote:

On Saturday 03 April 2004 08:29, Daniel J Walsh wrote:

I have written the steps in the bug report on how to get up2date fixed. The final fix for the up2date package has not been released yet.

Fixing up2date is a multi step process.

One update to latest policy.
restorecon /usr/sbin/up2date

update to latest usermode



Thanks for the update Dan.

I am still a bit concerned that up2date did not report that the package up2date failed and that it removed the old version of the package as well. If I had been manually updating (as I did with the kernel), I saw that there was a problem. Up2date should have caught that also but did not. I do not know if yum has this problem or not and will probably explore using it as an alternative to up2date. However, I will probably wait for Seth's big rewrite that he is working on.

All rpm tools have this problem, as one of the two big lies in rpm is
All-or-nothing behavior when installing packages.
That lie is true iff packages are perfect. That is very much not the case during
a development cycle with an importatnt paradigm shift like selinux.

Fwiw, the other big lie is
Virgin sources, applying patches, with *.spec procedure == reproducible builds.
That lie is true iff one knows how to set up a build system, and the tools "work".

73 de Jeff


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