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Re: Adding two new booleans to httpd to tighten it's security.

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Nicklas Norling wrote:
Daniel J Walsh wrote:

Currently policy allows httpd to connect to relay ports and to
mysql/postgres ports.

Adding these booleans
   * httpd_can_network_relay
   * httpd_can_network_connect_db

And turning this feature off by default.  This is going into tonights
reference policy and into FC4 test release.
If we had these turned off we would have prevented the last apache
worm virus.

I'd really appreciate if more effort was expanded in fixing existing
AVCs rather than adding new blocking rules.
Which avc's are you talking about. We have been working hard to fix all avc's when we can.
The current ruleset is already strong enough a lot of people just turn
off selinux, perfect security isn't much use if no one enables it.

Most people turned off firewall support in the beginning also. These rules should not effect 90 % of apache SELinux users
and will further secure those same users.
I'd rather aim for imperfect security some users actually use.
We are trying to work to a happy medium of security with as little pain as possible.

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