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Do we have any slides for this?


Daniel J Walsh wrote:
> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject:     Leveraging Security-Enhanced Linux in Your Data Center
> Date:     Thu, 16 Feb 2006 14:03:25 UT
> From:     Ziff Davis Media <linux enews eweek com>
> Reply-To:     linux enews eweek com
> To:     rob kenna net
> Ziff Davis Media eSeminars: The Online Seminar Standard   
> Leveraging Security-Enhanced Linux in Your Data Center
> February 23, 2005 @ 2:00 p.m. Eastern/11:00 a.m. Pacific
> Duration: 60 minutes
> Register & Attend Online
> http://ct.enews.eweek.com/rd/cts?d=186-3220-8-252-47659-378051-0-0-0-1
> If you are unable to attend the live event you may still register and
> will receive an e-mail when the on-demand version becomes available.
> Event Overview:
> Security-Enhanced Linux is generating industry buzz, but what can it do
> for you and your data center? The threats to your systems range from
> well-meaning, innocent employee blunders to deliberate, well-organized
> attacks by foreign governments. You can reasonably and effectively
> leverage the latest available operating system technology to protect
> your data and systems. And, because it is Linux, you'll be using a
> well-supported, yet economical OS to mount your defenses.
> Join this live, interactive eSeminar and hear speakers from Red Hat and
> Intel discuss best practices, standards, options and platforms that
> create a secure network system. You'll understand the development and
> benefits of Security-Enhanced Linux and come away with solid and
> practical information you can immediately put to use. You'll have access
> to downloadable white papers and other information you can use.
> Join us for this event and you'll learn:
>   * How tools like Position Independent Executables protect your servers
>   * How to protect against exploitable application security weaknesses
>   * How Execute Disable protects against buffer overflow attacks
>   * What application families and hardware suites can take advantage
>     of Security-Enhanced Linux
>   * Why Security-Enhanced Linux is safe, practical and necessary
>   * Which capabilities in the new emerging Intel platforms will help
>     with deploying security in the enterprise environment
> Featured Speakers:
> Reinier Tuinzing, World Wide Government Market Segment Marketing
> Manager, Customer Solutions Group - Intel Corporation
> Chris Runge, Technical Director, Red Hat Government - Red Hat, Inc.
> Frank Derfler, VP, Market Experts Group - Ziff Davis Media
> Sponsored by Red Hat, Inc. & Intel Corporation
> Register & Attend Online
> http://ct.enews.eweek.com/rd/cts?d=186-3220-8-252-47659-378051-0-0-0-1
> Please visit www.eSeminarslive.com
> for a complete list of upcoming Ziff Davis Internet eSeminars.
> If you have already registered for these eSeminars, please ignore this
> message.  Feel free to pass this e-mail along to other colleagues on
> your team who may have an interest in attending the eSeminar above. If
> you have problems with your registration, send e-mail to:
> mailto:eSeminars ziffdavis com
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