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Re: Problem with run_init

Roland Cruesemann wrote:

this is a rather basic question concerning run_init.
I use the targeted policy.
If I start a daemon, for example postgresql, with run_init:
run_init /etc/init.d/postgresql start
postgresql ends up in the unconfined_t domain.
But during a reboot postgresql is transferred to the
correct postgresql_t domain.
The content of /etc/selinux/targeted/contexts/initrc_context is
run_init should only be needed for strict (If sysadm_r is not allowed to transition) and mls policies. Although it should work correctly in targeted policy. Please bugzilla and please use ordinary service scripts. The policy allows unconfined_t to transition to initrc_t when executing initrc_exec_t (labels on /etc/init.d/*) And then initr_t transitions to postgresql_t when executing postgresql_exec_t files.

Best regards,
Roland Cruesemann


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