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Re: Selinux Sources

If you are looking to read policy you need to install the policy src rpm. If you just want to customize policy in FC5, you should have the policy interface files installed in /usr/share/selinux/devel/include already. And you can start building policy modules. Please read through


For more information.

Paul Howarth wrote:
Miguel Fernandes wrote:
Sorry, I'm not following you. I'm relatively new to linux and don't know
what to do. Is SRPM like an RPM? it installs in the same way?

Not quite. The SRPM contains the source code, patches, and other files for a package, plus the "recipe" in the form of a "spec" file for how to build the regular RPM. When you install an SRPM, it's just extracted into a few directories and not entered into your RPM database. You do not have to be root to install an SRPM, and in fact you shouldn't build packages as root anyway, for security reasons.

Here's what I'd do to look at the sources in FC5:

1. Set up an RPM build environment for your account:

2. Get the selinux-policy SRPM:
   # yum install yum-utils
   (do that as root; you don't need to be root for anything else)
   $ yumdownloader --source --enablerepo=updates-source selinux-policy

3. Install the SRPM:
   $ rpm -Uvh selinux-policy-2.2.43-4.fc5.src.rpm

4. Unpack tarball and apply patches:
   $ cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS
   $ rpmbuild -bp selinux-policy.spec

That should leave you with the patched policy sources corresponding to the latest FC5 policy in ~/rpmbuild/BUILD/serefpolicy-2.2.43


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