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Re: FC2 useradd in chroot on FC5 host with SELinux

Daniel J Walsh wrote:
Paul Howarth wrote:
Daniel J Walsh wrote:
Paul Howarth wrote:
I use mock to build packages for old distributions in a chroot-ed
environment on my FC5 box. I've pretty well got this working for all old
distributions now apart from FC2 (see
http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legacy/Mock). On FC2, the process gets
off to quite a good start, installing the following packages into the

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository
 buildsys-build          noarch     0.5-1.CF.fc2     groups
1.8 k
Installing for dependencies:
 SysVinit                i386       2.85-25          core
96 k
 basesystem              noarch     8.0-3            core
2.7 k
 bash                    i386       2.05b-38         core
1.5 M
 beecrypt                i386       3.1.0-3          core
64 k
 binutils                i386    core
2.8 M
 buildsys-macros         noarch     2-2.fc2          groups
2.1 k
 bzip2                   i386       1.0.2-12.1       core
48 k
 bzip2-libs              i386       1.0.2-12.1       core
32 k  chkconfig               i386       1.3.9-1.1        core
99 k
 coreutils               i386       5.2.1-7          core
2.8 M
 cpio                    i386       2.5-6            core
45 k
 cpp                     i386       3.3.3-7          core
1.4 M
 cracklib                i386       2.7-27.1         core
26 k
 cracklib-dicts          i386       2.7-27.1         core
409 k
 db4                     i386       4.2.52-3.1       core
1.5 M
 dev                     i386       3.3.13-1         core
3.6 M
 diffutils               i386       2.8.1-11         core
205 k
 e2fsprogs               i386       1.35-7.1         core
728 k
 elfutils-libelf         i386       0.95-2           core
36 k
 ethtool                 i386       1.8-3.1          core
48 k
 fedora-release          i386       2-4              core
92 k
 file                    i386       4.07-4           core
242 k
 filesystem              i386       2.2.4-1          core
18 k
 findutils               i386       1:4.1.7-25       core
102 k
 gawk                    i386       3.1.3-7          core
1.5 M
 gcc                     i386       3.3.3-7          core
3.8 M
 gcc-c++                 i386       3.3.3-7          core
2.0 M
 gdbm                    i386       1.8.0-22.1       core
26 k
 glib                    i386       1:1.2.10-12.1.1  core
134 k
 glib2                   i386       2.4.8-1.fc2      updates-released
477 k
 glibc                   i686       2.3.3-27.1       updates-released
4.9 M
 glibc-common            i386       2.3.3-27.1       updates-released
14 M
 glibc-devel             i386       2.3.3-27.1       updates-released
1.9 M
 glibc-headers           i386       2.3.3-27.1       updates-released
530 k
 glibc-kernheaders       i386       2.4-8.44         core
697 k
 grep                    i386       2.5.1-26         core
168 k
 gzip                    i386       1.3.3-12.2.legacy  updates-released
88 k
 info                    i386       4.7-4            updates-released
147 k
 initscripts             i386       7.55.2-1         updates-released
906 k
 iproute                 i386       2.4.7-14         core
591 k
 iputils                 i386       20020927-13      core
92 k
 less                    i386       382-3            core
85 k
 libacl                  i386       2.2.7-5          core
15 k
 libattr                 i386       2.4.1-4          core
8.6 k
 libgcc                  i386       3.3.3-7          core
33 k
 libselinux              i386       1.11.4-1         core
45 k
 libstdc++               i386       3.3.3-7          core
240 k
 libstdc++-devel         i386       3.3.3-7          core
1.3 M
 libtermcap              i386       2.0.8-38         core
12 k
 make                    i386       1:3.80-3         core
337 k
 mingetty                i386       1.07-2           core
18 k
 mktemp                  i386       2:1.5-7          core
12 k
 modutils                i386       2.4.26-16        core
395 k
 ncurses                 i386       5.4-5            core
1.5 M
 net-tools               i386       1.60-25.1        updates-released
311 k
 pam                     i386       0.77-40          core
1.9 M
 patch                   i386       2.5.4-19         core
61 k
 pcre                    i386       4.5-2            core
59 k
 perl                    i386       3:5.8.3-18       core
11 M
 perl-Filter             i386       1.30-5           core
68 k
 popt                    i386       1.9.1-0.4.1      updates-released
61 k
 procps                  i386       3.2.0-1.2        updates-released
176 k
 psmisc                  i386       21.4-2           core
41 k
 redhat-rpm-config       noarch     8.0.28-1.1.1     core
41 k
 rpm                     i386       4.3.1-0.4.1      updates-released
2.2 M
 rpm-build               i386       4.3.1-0.4.1      updates-released
437 k
 sed                     i386       4.0.8-4          core
116 k
 setup                   noarch     2.5.33-1         core
29 k
 shadow-utils            i386       2:4.0.3-55       updates-released
671 k
 sysklogd                i386       1.4.1-16         core
65 k
 tar                     i386       1.13.25-14       core
351 k
 termcap                 noarch     11.0.1-18.1      core
237 k
 tzdata                  noarch     2005f-1.fc2      updates-released
449 k
 unzip                   i386       5.50-37          core
139 k
 util-linux              i386       2.12-19          updates-released
1.5 M
 which                   i386       2.16-2           core
21 k
 words                   noarch     2-22             core
137 k
 zlib                    i386    updates-released
44 k

After installing all of these packages successfully, the next thing that
happens is:

Executing /usr/sbin/mock-helper
chroot /var/lib/mock/fedora-2-i386-core/root /bin/su - root -c
"/usr/sbin/useradd -m -u 500 -d /builddir mockbuild"

and at that point the "useradd" process just hangs indefinitely. I'm
told that if SELinux is disabled (I've tried permissive mode and that
doesn't help), this works. I can't see any AVCs in the logs.

Any ideas what might be causing this and how it might be fixed?

In fc2 you should disable SELinux.

I'm running this on FC5; what I'm trying to do is set up a chroot with FC2 packages. This includes the FC2 version of useradd, and it's this that's hanging when run in the chroot.

I'd happily give things in the chroot the impression that SELinux is disabled (I believe mock actually does this already) but I *really* don't want to disable SELinux on my FC5 host.

I have no idea why this would happen then. And I am not sure I believe them when they say that if SELinux was disabled this would work differently, unless there is a kernel bug. You are not seeing avc messages, correct?


Usually if it does not work in permissive mode it is not an SELinux problem.


I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and try it with SELinux disabled (so I'll have to relabel my desktop box afterwards, sigh). I know of two people that have this working with SELinux disabled, and I vaguely recall it working for me when I was first trying this (with SELinux disabled, probably a year ago). I've got it working for everything from RHL7 through to FC5 targets apart from FC2, so I doubt I'm doing something significantly wrong.


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