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problems with latest mls policy


since an update of the mls came out I have a problem loading a policy which worked correctly before the update.


        type user_t, staff_t, smbd_t, snmpd_t;

type data_t;

allow user_t data_t:dir { getattr read };
allow user_t data_t:file { getattr read  };
allow staff_t data_t:dir { create rmdir rw_dir_perms setattr };
allow staff_t data_t:file { create rename rw_file_perms setattr unlink };
allow staff_t data_t:lnk_file { create rw_file_perms };

allow smbd_t data_t:dir { add_name create getattr read remove_name rename rmdir search setattr write }; allow smbd_t data_t:file { create getattr lock read rename setattr unlink write };

allow snmpd_t data_t:dir getattr;

/data(/.*)?             gen_context(system_u:object_r:data_t,s0)

When I try to load the module (semodule -i data.pp) I get the following error message: libsepol.permission_copy_callback: Module data depends on permission setkeycreate in class process, not satisfied
libsemanage.semanage_link_sandbox: Link packages failed
semodule:  Failed!

I don't know what the error has to say. Any suggestions?

ciao, Stefan

PS: rpm -qa selinux-policy-mls

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