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Re: package review?

On Mon, 24 Jul 2006 10:41:34 EDT, Joshua Brindle said:
> > From: Daniel J Walsh [mailto:dwalsh redhat com] 

> > And in your install after the policy load
> > 
> > semanage port -a -t crossfire_port_t -p tcp MYPORTNUM 
> > semanage port -a -t crossfire_port_t -p udp MYPORTNUM
> > 
> This looks fine to me. If we start doing this the rpm spec file should
> probably do it and should undo it on uninstall since the link will fail
> if the module is removed without these rules being removed.

I'm an RPM idiot - will this still DTRT if another RPM package does
an 'Obsoletes:' on this one? (ie. after all the 'port -a' and 'port -d',
we'll end up with one defined if needed?)  and if the RPM is force-installed
a second time?  (I've had more than one RPM that bombed in a post-install
scriptlet because of trying to useradd an existing userid, etc...)

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