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Re: package review?

Paul Howarth wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-07-21 at 12:25 -0700, Michael Thomas wrote:
>>Paul Howarth wrote:
>>>Did you follow the guide on Packaging/SELinux on the wiki for actually
>>>building the module in your package? I've changed what I do for package
>>>building since I last updated that page (and I can't update it any more)
>>>and you'll find it won't build on rawhide as there is an
>>>selinux-policy-devel package you need as a buildreq there.
>>Yes, I used policygentool to generate the policy files, then your
>>SELinux page to put it in the package.  I'd like to see an official
>>packaging policy for selinux modules for Fedora Extras, but I'm not sure
>>that there are many FE contributors looking at selinux yet.  It looks
>>like the page has also been copied to PackagingDrafts/SELinux, where you
>>should be able to modify it.
> Yes, Tibbs contacted me privately about that. I've have a go at updating
> it, probably next week.

If you want, I can make some updates to the SELinux page now that I've
got a working package for FC5 (no FC6 testing has been done yet).


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