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Re: RHEL5 Security Guide draft TOC - Resend

Sent it to "request" by mistake  :-(

I've received a number of replies to this, offering suggestions and review 
time, etc. Thanks to all.

I'll start collating comments and suggestions from everyone and put together a 
revised TOC.

I have a number of volunteers for SELinux, which is great, so I'll have to ask 
that people nominate a "focus-area", be it Policy, Troubleshooting, End-user 
Control, Administrator Control, whatever. That way people can check out the 
appropriate file and have their way with it, without fear of treading on 

thanks everyone for the feedback and offers to help.


On Friday 28 July 2006 11:51, David O'Brien wrote:
> Firstly, apologies if you receive this twice. I'm casting a wide net...
> I've attached the draft TOC of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Security
> Guide for all to review and comment on. (Despite appearances it's not
> supposed to be a valid xml file; I wrote it that way for my own
> convenience.) As mentioned in the Scope Statement (attached), this is the
> integration of the RHEL4 Security Guide and the SELinux Guide. Our focus
> for this release is on accuracy and use cases, at the expense of low-level
> details.
> Please feel free to make any suggestions about structure, topics, etc., how
> we could use/enhance this info from other areas (Training?) or vice versa.
> I have a few names down for reviewers, authors/editors, etc., (see comments
> in file) but am looking for more. If there is an area where you feel you
> could contribute, please put your hand up.  All contributors will be
> acknowledged and included in the colophon, and earn our undying gratitude. 
> :-)
> cheers
David O'Brien
Red Hat Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

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Fax: +61-7-3514-8199

email: daobrien redhat com
web: http://apac.redhat.com/
IRC: daobrien #docs #selinux #devel #doc-i18n

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