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[ANN] Setools-2.4

A new version of setools is available on the Tresys website.

apol: File contexts tab now allows for MLS range searching if the loaded
database is from a MLS filesystem.	Policy statistics dialog now
shows MLS and ocontexts summaries.

libapol: Added support for loading base policies containing optionals.
Added support for searching range transitions containing attributes.

libseaudit: Bugfix to support parsing FC5-style audit logs.

seaudit: Added date filters.

secmds: Added support to indexcon and searchcon for MLS filesytems.
Added support to findcon and replcon for MLS filesystems.
sechecker: Added incomplete network access (inc_net_access) module.
Added unreachable domains (unreachable_doms) module.  Added impossible
range transitions (imp_range_trans) module.

sesearch: Allow user to search range transitions by attributes and
indirect matching.  Added RBAC searching.

Kevin Carr
Tresys Technology
410.290.1411 x137

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