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Re: failed to customize policy, SELinux won't let me

On Wed, 2006-05-03 at 13:19 -0400, Stephen Smalley wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-05-03 at 10:05 -0700, Florin Andrei wrote:
> > [root stantz custom]# pwd
> > /etc/selinux/custom

> Actually, /usr/share/selinux is the standard location for modules to be
> placed before running semodule on them, but that isn't directly relevant
> to the denial you see below.

Not mentioned in the FAQ. ;-)

> > [root stantz custom]# tail -n 1 /var/log/messages
> > May  3 10:02:51 stantz kernel: audit(1146675771.487:308): avc:  denied
> > { rename } for  pid=3845 comm="semodule" name="active" dev=hda4
> > ino=2319743 scontext=user_u:system_r:semanage_t:s0
> > tcontext=user_u:object_r:selinux_config_t:s0 tclass=dir
> Yes, this has shown up before - it indicates that
> your /etc/selinux/targeted/modules tree has become mislabeled.  Run
> restorecon -R on it.  I think that this has been corrected already in
> updates?

Hmmm... This is a fresh install, I applied all updates, rebooted, let
anacron do all the jobs, did "touch /.autorelabel", rebooted again.

Anyway, I did a restorecon, then some more policy tweaks (Postfix was
still hitting various snags), and it worked.


Florin Andrei


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