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Re: Trusted Solaris over SELinux

Justin Conover wrote:


    ...with yer $995 - $27K trusted Solaris junk.  Give me Linux+selinux at
    $0 per unit when I am flat on my back... or happy and healthy and paying

Actually Solaris 10 is intergrating the bits of Trusted Solaris which will make it FREE. I'm not saying one is better than the other, simply wondering what the SELinux developers thought.

To say that Trusted Solaris is junk seems a bit silly, if your only talking of price, ok, but if your talking the OS, than your just mis-informed.

I'm talking of the price. I'm sure IBM take their cut for managing it, but at $995+ /cpu, $0 linux+selinux has to win out here even if Trusted Solaris poops golden eggs. The benchmark is Windows level of security.


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