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Re: Trusted Solaris over SELinux

On 5/20/06, Martin Ebourne <lists ebourne me uk> wrote:
On Sat, 2006-05-20 at 08:22 -0500, Justin Conover wrote:
> http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/darren?entry=dear_ibm_please_consider_trusted
> I thought this was interesting.  Yeah, I use Solaris to so I read some
> Sun blogs too.  :)

High on opinion, low on fact.

Just how was that interesting? As a measure of desperation?

It is low on fact, but in some ways is influential as Darren is a well
known security person. On a cost area it does have an item that many
business managers may have to look at:

Solaris is EAL4+ with various subsets already and is a known quantity.
SeLinux implementations are not by themselves EAL4+.. a companies
version might be in the future but not now.

And if you are doing end of fiscal year purchasing..

Stephen J Smoogen.
CSIRT/Linux System Administrator

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