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RE: need help for local.te


Everytime I need to make a local.te I always localized (read: make new file,
and extract the msg) the corresponding AVC denied messages to another log
file to be sure that I will get from audit2allow only those needed policies
related to the localized AVC denied message and not from the whole audit.log

You might try to use that practice.

Best regards,
Ketut Mahaindra (Ito)
"The race for perfection has no finish line"

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> This means that your local.te file includes a rule that allows httpd to
> read your /etc/shadow file, and this violates an assertion in the base
> policy.  Review your local.te file, prune entries that are not
> legitimate, and rebuild the .mod and .pp files, e.g.
> # vi local.te # edit out bogus entries or replace them with dontaudit
> # checkmodule -m -M -o local.mod local.te
> # semodule_package -o local.pp -m local.mod
> # semodule -i local.pp
> --
> Stephen Smalley
> National Security Agency

The problem is I need to re-do for local.te from time to time, and whenver I
run (after rebooting)
# audit2allow -M local < /var/log/audit/audit.log
the line

allow httpd_t shadow_t:file { getattr read write };

is automatically added to local.te -- this time, it added more, not just
 I believe that this is because I need to run change_password plugin in
squirrelmail.  It is not a problem in fc4 selinux -- I run audit2allow to
entry into local.te and run make load, then everything is working.  But, in
fc5, it is a problem.  If I remove that line, then whenever I run the above
command, it is automatically added.

How to fix the problem?



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