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Re: selinux prelink avc's (broken paths in policy?)

Christopher Ashworth wrote:
On Wed, 2006-05-24 at 16:20 +0100, Paul Howarth wrote:

So in other words, in the event of a tie, the one nearest the bottom of the list (in the file_contexts file or the output of "semanage fcontext -l") is determined to be the most specific and that one wins. Is that right?

When I do "semanage fcontext -l" I don't get an ordered listing (so this
does not appear to be correct in that case), but yes, this is correct
for the file_contexts file.
It would be ideal to make the algorithm do a proper sort based on strict
regular expression subsets, but this is non-trivial and these heuristics
work pretty well.

So if "semanage fcontext -l" doesn't produce an ordered listing, is there any way from userland to get one, one that encompasses both the base policy and any added modules or context objects added using semanage?

I take it as read that semanage-added objects and the file contexts from policy module packages (.pp files) are seen as "later" in the list than the base file_contexts file, but which has precedence for semanage/semodule? Last one in? Does it make a difference whether "semodule -i" or "semodule -u" are used?


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