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ANN: SELinux Policy IDE (SLIDE) version 1.2

Version 1.2 of the SELinux Policy IDE (SLIDE) from Tresys Technology is
now available for download from the Tresys Open source website at

SLIDE is an Eclipse plug-in that integrates with the SELinux Reference
Policy to provide a development environment for building SELinux policy.

SLIDE Features:

* A graphical user interface for policy development, including policy
syntax highlighting, context suggestions, and integrated compilation.
* Integration with SELinux Reference Policy, including quick lookup and
documentation for interfaces and macros.
* Wizards and easy to use templates to automate common tasks from
creating a new SELinux policy to adding an interface into an existing
* Integrated remote policy installation and audit log monitoring, to
facilitate policy testing.
* Seamless integration with the power of standard Eclipse.

Version 1.2 highlights:

* Graphical interface for network configuration via corenetwork.
* Added auto completion, context help, and tool tip descriptions for
Reference Policy macros, as well as including macros in the interface
view and showing their definitions in the declaration view.
* Improved documentation on the open source web site.
* Updates to work with SETools version 3.3.
* Fixed problems with the Console output.
* Bugs fixed with undo/redo when toggling commenting on numerous lines
of policy.

If you would like to contribute, currently the best help would be to
test and provide feedback on the SLIDE plugin and SLIDE Remote.

Dave Sugar
Tresys Technology, LLC

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