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Re: more setroubleshoot troubles ;)

Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention, I'm going to be
looking into them and I very much appreciate your input. But I have a
favor to ask, because your mail client wraps long lines the information
you're posting is very hard to read.

It would be better use the bugzilla system rather than posting a problem
report to an email list. The preferred procedure is to open a bugzilla
and then *attach* the log information to the bug report (not paste into
the comment section). This just makes it way easier for us to deal with
these reports (because they are tracked, not buried in an inbox, and the
logs can be read, parsed and not clutter the comment dialog). The easier
it is for us to deal with problem reports the more likely they will get
immediate attention.

In the cases when it still makes sense to send log information to a
mailing list please either set your mail client to not wrap text or
better yet include it as an attachment.

I'm replying to the list to encourage others to follow the same

John Dennis <jdennis redhat com>

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