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Re: Worrying AVC messages

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Wednesday 24 January 2007 16:52, Daniel J Walsh wrote:
There were two different types of avc in your email.  The first
concerning postfix should be fixed in the next update.   Getting the
/dev/video1 to come up properly is the other.   Something is wrong in
the way you are telling udev to create these devices, unfortunately I
have no idea, how to fix.

/dev/video1 isn't a problem. There's the usual issue of which order the video*s are allocated, and I tried to create udev rules to handle this. One works, one doesn't.

This works:

KERNEL=="video*", SYSFS{model}=="Pixart PAC207-BCA", SYMLINK+="webcam"

and /dev/webcam points to the correct /dev/video*, whichever one matches the model.

This doesn't - the /dev/DC10+ never gets created:

KERNEL=="video*", SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", SYSFS{name}=="DC10plus_0_", SYSFS{dev}=="81:1", SYMLINK+="DC10plus", GROUP="video"

This is a pci capture card. The definintions were taken directly from udevinfo.

I've read until my eyes closed, without getting any further with this. I can live with the situation, but I'd love to have it really working. I appreciate that you are all very busy people, but as I said before, if I can help, I will.

Yes I think you would be better off asking at the fedora-list rather than here. More people would understand udev there.

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