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Re: more fine grained access in /etc

Good point.
I probably can live with that.

Still I am not sure if I would like it to have full access to all files labelled etc_t . It would be nice to be able to single out only a few of them. Perhaps I should look at something other than the targeted policy.

On 9/17/07, Daniel J Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> wrote:
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Torbjørn Lindahl wrote:
> Hello, I am writing an application that I want to limit using selinux.
> audit.log shows that it wants access to /etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/hosts -
> which doesn't seem to unreasonable, however both these have types etc_t ,
> and allowing myapp_t to read etc_t would also give it access to for example
> /etc/passwd, which i do not want.
> Do I have to invent a new type for these two files to be able to keep my
> application from the other etc_t files in /etc ?
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Yes you can, but the more different file_context that you have in /etc,
the harder they will be to maintain.

Reading /etc/passwd is not as dangerous as being able to read
/etc/shadow.  So consider if this is really necessary.
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Torbjørn Lindahl
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