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Re: mrtg selinux denials in default configuration

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David Timms wrote:
> Daniel J Walsh wrote:
>> David Timms wrote:
>>> David Timms wrote:
>>>> Should there be selinux denials on a default install of a package ?
>>> audit item attached.
>> Your /root directory is labeled incorrectly.
> I did a touch /.autorelabel and reboot yesterday morning, and made the
> setroubleshooter work. These have occurred since then. There is some old
> .xauth files from last year in the folder, but none seem to have
> incorrect context.
>> restorecon -R -v /root
> Tried restorecon -R -v -n /root
> - there were no replies.
> restorecon -R -v /root
> - there was also no replies.
> My understanding is that any files that needed their secontext restored
> woudl have been echoed.
>> Should fix.  That is what setroubleshoot suggested, did you try it.
> No.
> Is {restorecon -v './root'} the same as the above ?
> It does not echo any response either.
>> Default installs should not be generating AVC's
> Does that include an upgrade F8-F9beta ?
> In any case I'm doing a full relabel again, after I send this message,
> and I'll see if that solves it...
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