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Re: Fedora buildsys and SELinux

On Wed, 16 Apr 2008, Bill Nottingham wrote:

> James Morris (jmorris namei org) said: 
> > > * All the parties are here now needed to figure this out
> > > * Someone better than me is going to reply with specifics about what is
> > > not working in the buildsys
> > > * We all agree it's pretty important to get this figured out in a good
> > > way
> > 
> > Can you please explain specifically what the problem is?
> You cannot create files in a chroot of a context not known by the
> host policy. This means that if your host is running RHEL 5, you are
> unable to compose any trees/images/livecds with SELinux enabled for
> later releases.

Ok, that's what I suspected.

One of the possible plans for this is to allow a process to run in a 
separate policy namespace, and probably also utilize namespace support in 

This is non-trivial and needs more analysis.

- James
James Morris
<jmorris namei org>

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