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Re: su user -c problem

On Monday 07 January 2008, Davide Bolcioni wrote:
>On Monday 07 January 2008 05:23:20 pm Gene Heskett wrote:
>> I boot and login at runlevel 3, the everything but X, then run startx by
>> hand. I'm a big dummy maybe, and an old fart, but *I* can run it by using
>> the S99local link exactly the same as it real name, so why doesn't init
>> run it?
>I had something similar happen to me some time in the past, say about Fedora
>Core 3, and my init script was hanging (I could see it with pstree) asking
>for user input. I would pepper the script with
>  echo $$ so far so good >> /tmp/cursed-initscript.log
>to see if it is started at all and then hangs or exits somewhere.

Interesting idea Davide
according to pstree, init is indeed still present, top of the list in fact:

     │        └─{auditd}
     │                    ├─hald-addon-hid-
     │                    ├─hald-addon-inpu
     │                    ├─hald-addon-stor
     │                    └─hald-addon-usb-
     │         ├─kio_file
     │         ├─klauncher
     │         ├─konsole─┬─su───bash───amrecover
     │         │         ├─su───bash───pstree
     │         │         └─2*[su───bash]
     │         ├─konsole───2*[su───bash]
     │         ├─konsole─┬─su───bash
     │         │         └─su───bash───htop
     │         ├─konsole───4*[su───bash───tail]
     │         ├─kwin
     │         ├─nm-applet
     │         ├─puplet
     │         └─python
     │                               └─ck-xinit-sessio───startkde─┬─kwrapper
     │                                                            └─ssh-agent

OTOH, I have NDI if that is normal.  It is also sitting there in an htop 
screen showing "init(3)" which I assume is the runlevel.  I'll pepper the 
last S## before that and see if its hung, and the top of rc.local, but that 
doesn't show anyplace, and if I run it by hand, it does everything and exits 

Many thanks for the hint.

>Davide Bolcioni

Cheers, Gene
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