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Re: rsyncd can't open log file, but there are no avc messages

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Johnny Tan wrote:
| Johnny Tan wrote:
|> Paul Howarth wrote:
|>>>>> It seems rsync_log_t is not defined. Can I somehow do this without
|>>>>> having rsync_log_t?
|>>>>> It works fine when I don't use a symlink, so I assume rsync_log_t
|>>>>> is not necessary for this to work.
|>>>>> But I need the symlink because I need the files to be stored in
|>>>>> /var/log/store, as opposed to /opt/solr/logs.
|>>>> I thought from earlier messages you were on RHEL 5? I've tested this
|>>>> module with CentOS 5.2 and it loads just fine.
|>>>> Which policy version are you using?
|>>> selinux-policy-2.4.6-106.el5_1.3
|>>> I haven't updated yet to 5.2
|>> Try adding the type definition to the top of the policy module (just
|>> after the "policy_module" line):
|>> type rsync_log_t;
|>> logging_log_file(rsync_log_t)
|> That still didn't recognize rsync_log_t. But I went ahead and upgraded
|> to 5.2, and my original selinux policy works -- it doesn't use
|> rsync_log_t at all.
| Question:
| Is it ok to update ONLY selinux-policy to the version that comes with
| 5.2 (and library, etc., dependencies) WITHOUT upgrading the kernel and
| everything else to their 5.2 versions?
| johnn
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