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Re: [Fedora-suds-list] multiple services in one WSDL

Hey Gary,

Yup, suds currently only understands single service wsdls. However, I could enhance suds to handle multiple services in a few days. I haven't added support for it yet because *most* wsdls only define (1) service.

Maybe the API would look something like:

Single service:
> client.service.foo()

Multiple services:

> client.service['MyService'].foo()

Better suggestions?



Gary Wilson Jr. wrote:
Does suds support this?  For example, when using the WSDL:


...the client object seems to only know about the last service
defined, OPSLegalAndBiblioService.  Do I need to resort to saving this
WSDL to a local file and trimming it down to just the service I need
to use?


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