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Re: [Fedora-suds-list] Persistent connections - anyone else interested / suggest howto / working on it?

Jeff Ortel wrote, On 10/21/2009 01:45 PM:
On 10/21/2009 12:20 PM, Waldemar Osuch wrote:
On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 8:05 AM, Rod Montgomery<monty starfief com> wrote:
Currently (i.e. r580 / 0.3.7 release candidate) Suds uses urllib2, which
uses urllib, both from the standard Python library.

I'm interested in making Suds able to use persistent connections.

Twisted (twistedmatrix.com) seems to have an elaborate HTTP/1.1 Client

Another possibility is httplib2:

Yes, it looks like the Client is using urllib2 by default but you should
be able to replace it with a custom transport.

Client.options.transport = YourFancyPersistentConnection()

As long as YourFancyPersistentConnection confirms to Transport interface from suds.transport it should work.

Yup. The transport functionality as factored out into the Transport (interface) and urllib2 based implementations for just this reason.

Aha! That sounds promising! I had not grasped that from the Documentation. Thanks!

I think you will have more luck with httplib2 than Twisted version
unless you are versed in Twisted ways.

You are now the second person who has warned me that Twisted may be more challenging than I want.

By the way you probably want:
and not the Python3 version you have linked above.

It seems httplib2 is also available in a repository from my Linux distribution, Ubuntu.

There is also apparently a urllib3, which also claims to be thread-safe:


I think I'll try both httplib2 and urllib3, and report my results back to the List.

Thanks for the prompt, informative responses!

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