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Re: [Fedora-suds-list] How to force NULL, xsi:nil, gsoap?

On 10/27/2009 07:22 AM, Elyrwen Dynesh wrote:

I ve just started using suds for accessing a webservice written with gsoap.
I have a problem with passing NULL arguments. When I call a remote method
which has a pointer argument and I dont not want to specify this argument,
suds nevertheless includes this argument in SOAP message with an empty
contents, like this:

<filter xsi:type="ns0:ReportFilter"/>

On the other hand, gsoap recognizes this as a non-empty argument and by no
means filter == NULL
Generally, gsoap treats an argument as NULL only if:

<filter xsi:nil="1">

or <filter ...> is not present in a SOAP message at all.

My question is how to force suds to send <filter xsi:nil="1"> or not at all

Suds will send <filter xsi:nil="true"> if the element is defined as being nillable in the XSD as follows:

  <element name="filter" nillable="true" .../>

Also, if the element is defined as optional

   <element name="filter" nillable="true" minOccurs="0" .../>

then you should be able to call as client.service.someMethod()

Can you show me the wsdl and related schemas?

while using methods with pointers?
I use the following method calls:

client.service.someMethod(filter = None)

The method declaration in C++ is:
void someMethod(someType* filter = NULL) {
if (filter == NULL) {
//filter is never NULL


I've already checked, that when sending the same message suds generates
while calling client.service.someMethod(), but with
<filter xsi:type="ns0:ReportFilter"/> cut out, everything works fine and
filter == NULL

Anyone has a clue?


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