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RE: IDE write ordering ?

But isn't the default on the majority of ATA drives to have write cache
enabled ?

Also the LKML thread at
is very informative.
So my question is , how can one test if the journalled FS on his disk is
actually working
as it should or is it just waste of time and giving a false sense of safety


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> Subject: 	Re: IDE write ordering ?
> > The problem is , that is is hard to insure the wanted order of writes on
> > disks.
> > This is needed for journalled/logged filesystems for example.
> IDE drives don't provide write order controls. End of story. Ext3 doesn't
> care about this providing the drive isn't caching writes, it just wants to
> be sure that an I/O completed before it is told it has. You control that
> with hdparm to alter write caching if you are really paranoid.
> Alan
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