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Initial thoughts on Severn

I have the following observations on severn

1. Gnumeric/abiword

why is the gnumeric version 1.0.x rather than 1.1.9. The 1.0 series
is not really being developed anymore

Why cant you select abiword for install either during install or via
the add/remove programs (it rocks hard)

2. Add/remove programs - only programs that appear in the package
list during install appear (se above) and nothing happens when you
press preferences. 

A question - would it not be better for all packages that belong in
the group to appear when you click details/install and not just a

3. Another vote for gnome 2.3 - it certainly appears to be more
stable than previous releases in this point in the cycle.

4. Can we have Bitstream installed as default

5. A long runing issue has been bzip2-devel not being installed when
you select development in the installer. I am not sure if this is a
ftp install issue, but I did not see an option to select all packages
during install.

6. redhat-config-httpd

This fails with a failure of xslt. python module - where is this?
Also rpm -q --requires redhat-config-packages shows apacheconf as a
requirement, but this is not in the package listing.

(this may affect other server config scripts - have not had chance to

7. Should not the release notes be amended to give updated packages
as in previous releases (as shown by the confusion over gcc32)

I hope this is seen as constructive - its meant to be.

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