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Re: zero for severn

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 10:00, Joe Smith wrote:
> Michel Alexandre Salim wrote:
> >> Boot floppy boots to firstboot, but mouse & keyboard are
> >> non-functional.
> > 
> > Boot floppy is known to be broken at the moment, according to the 
> > Release Notes ...
> No, no.  The boot floppy is the part that *worked* ;-)
> I can boot the system fine from the boot floppy.
Ah wait, got it slightly wrong; from the RelNotes:

NOTE: The ACPI subsystem results in a kernel too big to fit on a
diskette; therefore, the kernel placed on boot diskettes does not
include ACPI support. In addition, because of these size issues,
emergency boot diskettes will not work. You must use rescue mode from
the installer instead of an emergency boot diskette.

Guess you have ACPI problems. Tried booting with pci=noacpi or acpi=off?

> Maybe I have the power cord in backwards and all the 1s and 0s are reversed?

- Michel

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