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Re: What are consequences of "merger necessitates removal of ...

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On Tue, 23 Sep 2003 11:30:14 +0200, Matthias Saou wrote:

> > > If the issue is mp3 support, you can just hop over to freshrpms.net
> > > and get it there.
> > 
> > Or watch out for a repository that adheres to Fedora's packaging
> > guidelines.
> You seem to imply that freshrpms.net won't follow them... I've always
> followed Red Hat's own practicises (as a lack of policies or guidelines),
> and will continue following them, as that is a key element to clean
> integration and compatibility.

"Fedora" = fedora.us as long as there aren't any packaging guidelines
at fedora.redhat.com and as long as fedora.us will be the place where
[some] infrastructure is in place which allows for contributions from
the community. It will stay like that for some time.

With "packaging guidelines" I also refer to package submission and
release policies. The infamous second pair of eyes, for instance,
which takes another look at a new package before it gets published.
Policies which allow for an open release process. The interested user
can help with pre-release testing and can point out problems while a
new package is in the queue.

So far you've been doing a great job. Freshrpms is one of the first
repositories that is suggested when people are in search of add-on
packages. But Freshrpms.net doesn't scale because you are the single
person who prepares the packages.

> side note : What is currently known as Red Hat Linux doesn't
> "adhere to Fedora's packaging guidelines" either. Time now to actually make
> the "merge" happen in order to clean this all up, and I won't be the only
> one participating and needed to adapt.

Yes, the actual merging work will get interesting. 

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