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Re: OK, so it's the Fedora Project, but is it still called Red HatLinux?

Alan Cox wrote:
They have problems as it is. The VIA people for instance released binary drivers for their Mini-ITX's CastleRock video chip. In doing so, they targetted RH 9, which meant kernel 2.4.20-8. What they didn't understand is that RH will release new kernels (and are at 2.4.20-20-9) during the

To be fair VIA *do* understand this. They are working to get stuff supported
in open source but released binary drivers in the mean time.

The point is, people who do binary drivers will be cursed by platform movement, not only with relatively new products (RH9, RHE, etc.) but also older products (7.1, 8), as there's legacy support, whenever a kernel is released for the given platform. They undertake similar risks with Fedora as they will with RHE in the future.

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