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Re: Homebrew Severn ISOs

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, Matthias Saou wrote:

> Robert P. J. Day wrote :
> > p.s.  and, taking this one step further, is there a canonical site for
> > the more complicated process of customizing the most recent RH release?
> > you know, modifying comps.xml, "genhdlist" and so on.  is there a primary
> > source for that doc these days?  (i suspect asking on the anaconda list
> > would have been at least as appropriate.)
> Why not start a new thread on the fedora-docs-list ? IIRC, Tammy Fox asked
> for ideas about possible new documents when the RHLP was launched, and docs
> about creating a DVD installation media and/or customise the content of the
> installation would seem pretty useful to me.

ok, i can do that.  it would be nice to have a central site for docs 
involving installation and anaconda, like how to add updates to the
install, building a DVD, creating a custom distro, etc.


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