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FC2T2 install report

Summary - Flawless install... eventually. I'm impressed.


Hardware listing -

Mainboard: ASUS CUBX, INTEL 440BX/PIIX4 chipset
CPU: Intel P3 Coppermine 700 MHz
Power Supply: Enermax Whisper EG465P-VE
SCSI Host Adaptor: Symbios Logic NCR53C810a
CD-ROM: Plextor CD-RW PX-W124TS; Sony CD-R CDU-415 (both SCSI)
SCSI Hard Drives: /dev/sda - IBM DALS-3540 
                  /dev/sdb - IOMEGA ZIP 100
IDE Hard Drives: /dev/hda - Fujitsu MPC3043AT
                 /dev/hdc - Maxtor 6L040J2
	         /dev/hde - Maxtor 6E040L0
	         /dev/hdf - Maxtor 5T030H3
		 /dev/hdg - Maxtor 52049H4
		 /dev/hdh - Maxtor 6L040J2
USB 1.1 controller (built in): Intel Corp. 82371AB/EB/MB PIIX4 USB (rev 1)
USB 1.1 hub: Cicero 7-port SU-107, Alcor Micro chipset
USB 1.1 bus: /dev/sdh - SmartDisk CFUSB CF Reader 
             Logitech M-BD58 Optical Mouse
PCI USB 2.0 controller: NEC Corp rev65 chipset
USB 2.0 hub: Cicero 4-port USB 2.0, TI TUSB2040/2070 chipset 
USB 2.0 bus: /dev/sdc,d,e,f - SanDisk ImageMate 6-in-1 CF Reader
	   /dev/sdg - Maxtor OneTouch external hard drive
           Epson Perfection 2450 Photo Scanner
	   Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy
Video: ATI Radeon 7000/VE
Soundcard(2nd): Creative Labs SB Live!
Parallel printer: Epson Stylus Color 860
Network Devices: Linksys Network Everywhere Fast Ethernet NC100

An overloaded box built for hard drive space; obviously not a gamer. Will
be splitting this one up soon.


Downloading binaries 
- Did an overnight Bittorrent grab. Woke up to 4 shiny new iso's.

Install attempt #1 
- Burned first iso. Already had FCT1 on /dev/hdc1 and planned on using
  same partition for T2.
- Booted off CD and fine through the initial setup screens until it went to
  grab the librpm.so when it crashed cuz it couldn't find the file. Silly
  me. So I did an md5sum and found all 4 iso's were bad. Uh huh. So much
  for Bittorrent infallibility. 
- Another 2 BT downloads and the first 2 iso's were fine. But disc3 and 4
  refused to match the published MD5s. So I checked with Downloader for X
  from a web mirror which promptly told me that iso's 3 and 4 were just
  fine, thank you. Elected to believe D4X and went ahead with the install.

Install attempt #2
- Having already shown myself that a CD install would have been fine with
  good CDs, I elected to set up a hard drive install. Note to self: if your
  target drive is mounted as /home then the target drive will be
  jb/FC2-test2-binary-i386, not /home/jb.... 
- So I loop mounted the disc1 iso and copied the vmlinuz and initrd files
  to my /boot partition. Set up a new stanza in grub.conf for the T2
  installer and off we went. Kitchen sink install as always for a test.
- What can I say? Not one single hiccup. I went to work with it installing
  packages and came back to the completion/reboot screen.

- The usual stuff with firstboot and then I was in. Can't say I notice any
  difference with xorg server but then my lowly old Radeon is *not* going
  to stress any of the video side. HOWEVER, I quickly learned the
  consequences of electing to enable the selinux extensions during the
  install. I tried to do the s-c-x configs and every one of them refused my
  root password. Definitely a cool feature. I will have to read up on
  selinux but I assume that there are some hoops I have to jump through to
  give me admin privileges. This makes setting up a box and then locking it
  down that much easier.

To do
- Turn off all the silly unneeded system services.
- Kill graphical boot.
- Play and get my bugzilla fingers loosened up.

- Why did disc3 and 4 MD5s not match even though they were fine on the install???

Jack Bowling
mailto: jbinpg shaw ca

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