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Mommy, FC2t2 was mean to me...

The scene: an AMD64 system running FC1 (ASUS K8V, Via chipset, Radeon 9200).

Things started well - the test 2 CD booted just fine.  Upgrade seemed to
proceed well; my main complaints were (1) it didn't eject the CD before
asking for the next one, and (2) no cute slides to look at while the
installer did its thing.

Once all the packages were upgraded, though, I got a Python traceback;
"kernelLabel referenced before assignment", in writeBootloader, line 131.
Anaconda then picked up its marbles and went home.

I went ahead and booted the new system with the FC2t2 kernel; seemed to
work until X started, at which point I got the sort of stairstep mess that
suggests a severe disagreement somewhere over the width of the display.
Couldn't go back to another virtual console, had to reset.

When, instead, I boot the 2.6.5-rc3 kernel I had on there already, it all
works - except it doesn't want to deal with my USB mouse (which it liked
just fine during the upgrade).

I expect I'll try a full install before going back to the FC1 backup.  If
anybody's got any ideas or requests for more info, let me know.


Jonathan Corbet
Executive editor, LWN.net
corbet lwn net

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