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Test 2 summary for Asus A1000

Inspired by Alan Cox Post

First of all, English is not my natural language, so be kind.

Asus A1000 Laptop, Pentium III step 6, 700Mhz, 320Mb RAM, 10GB HDD

CD upgrade from FC1

 * Upgrade finished without any errors.
 * Kernel 2.6 :)
 * ACPI seams OK. 
 * Gnome works fine.
 * OpenOffice looks great. Not enough testing.
 * Network: Untested but chipset sis900 detection successful.
 * General Artwork.

Not so Good:
 * Upgrade took ages!!!

 * No sound. On board Trident detected but unable to work.
 * Touchpad unable to identify the "double tap". That's a great
inconvenience... :(
 * Had to install de SELinux rpm packages manually after the upgrade.
This could be an upgrade feature.
 * My USB 2.0 mobile disk isn't recognised.

That's it. I can't remember nothing else.
Tonight I'm going to make a fresh install. I'll let you know the result.

Rui Gouveia
Oporto - Portugal

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