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Upgrades slower then molasses in winter (was: Test 2 summary for Asus A1000)

On Thu, Apr 01, 2004 at 08:34:47PM +0100, Rui Gouveia wrote:
> Not so Good:
>  * Upgrade took ages!!!

I played a bit with upgrading T1 to T2.  I am not so sure
yet but it seems to me that the reason for that is that
the whole machine really gets clobbered with "avc" syslog
entries from selinux and this slows everything down to an
unbearable crawl.

If this is really the case then the thing to do would be turn
off selinux on updates if found file systems do not have required
labels.  I am not sure if this is really doable.  But maybe
at least an option on an initial screen not to try to find
things which are not there during upgrades?  Then, at least,
it would be possible to display a message sending to docs
explaining how to install selinux afterwards.  Kickstart
would need such option too, I suppose.


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