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Re: Advice for installing test2 if you are going to be saving files

On Saturday 03 April 2004 13:52, Brian Bober wrote:
> I wonder if, using this multi-partition scheme, you could just nix the "/"
> partition and leave the other ones intact if reinstalling fedora core2
> test2. Has anyone tried this or does anyone know whether it would work? I
> might get a chance to try it if I start getting kernel panics again. :-)

My standard configuration has separate /home and /usr/local partition plus a 
number of "extra" partitions for things such as vmware guest files.  I put 
all of the rest into a single partition.

I have a very small (minimal) linux / partition with a "boot director" and 
emergency recovery system.  I then have a number of additional (separate) / 
partitions which are used for installed systems (I never wipe out my 
"working" system just to install a new one).  On my amd64 test system I have 
five separate "/" partitions -- 32 bit FC1, 64 bit FC1, 32 bit FC2T1, 32 bit 
FC2T2, and 64 bit FC2T2.  This is a test system and, disk space being 
relatively inexpensive these days, you can put a lot of "/" partitions on a 
120GB drive.

Each "/" partition is 10GB which handles an everything install and leaves 
enough work for the system to function.

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