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Re: Advice for installing test2 if you are going to be saving files

--- Russell Coker <russell coker com au> wrote:

> they have the same policy.  If one installation of SE Linux has a user entry 
> for account netdemonz then any files you create will have the context 
> netdemonz:object_r:user_home_t (or something similar).  If you then boot a 
> copy of SE Linux without a user entry for netdemonz then those files will be 
> unlabeled (and not accessible to non admin users).

This won't mean that if you are trying to recover a disk that won't boot, or
something, that you might not have access to your stuff if you can't somehow
remember the context you used or whatever? Is it safe to assume if you can
mount the partitions of a disk then you can undo the SELinux stuff to recover
what's on it from a system you have admin access on regardless of the context
on the disk you are trying to access? 

Btw, thanks (and to anyone else who did) for CCing me on reply since I get digests.

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