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Re: Call for testing with dual-boot scenarios (or more accurately, call for information)

On Monday 12 April 2004 23:46, Jeremy Katz wrote:
> Could people who have experienced difficulty with dual-booting between
> their FC2 test2 installs and a Windows install of some sort get as much
> as possible of the following information for me?  
> If you could add the information to bug 116653, that'll be the most
> helpful for tracking purposes, although mailing it here won't hurt as
> well.

I am not reallly having problems booting on a dual (actually multi) boot 
system which includes a Win2k partition.  However, I did have problems with 
parted during the install -- please see 

THe interesting thing is that there is an identical drive as hdb and parted, 
etc. have no problems with that drive.

I will collect the info and report it in 116653.

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