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Re: 4KSTACKS again

On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 18:10, Andy Ross wrote:

> But recent 2.6.5-x kernels have removed even that option, making it
> *impossible* for NVidia users to generate a working system from the
> kernel-source package.

Too bad. External binary modules never have, and never will hold back
development. NVIDIA need to issue driver updates that work accordingly.

> Note that the official 2.6.5 kernel doesn't have the small stack
> feature at all, and works fine.

2.6.6 will have 4k stack patch merged.

>  The kernel SRPM adds a patch ("mc1")
> which includes the 4KSTACKS features, and then another ("nostack")
> which inexplicably *removes* the configurability of the feature, thus
> hard-wiring (!) the kernel source to use 4K stacks.
> So basically: Is this intentional?  Why?

Yes. Supporting both makes zero sense other than to support binary
modules.  Nvidia made an assumption about kernel abi (not that there is
one per se), that turned out to be no longer true.

> Do you really intend to ship such a kernel in the official release?


> Have you at least pinged NVidia (and ATI, if necessary) to see if they're
>  willing or able to fix the issue prior to the FC2 release?

They'll have to soon anyway, it's in mainline since this afternoon, so
will show up in 2.6.6rc1

>   I work on the FlightGear project, and forcing our linux
> users to download and compile their own kernel from kernel.org is just
> not an option; they'll just get pushed off to other distributions.

Where they'll find exactly the same issue. The options are..

1) Stay with an earlier kernel.
2) Wait for NVIDIA to fix their drivers.


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