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Help Needed: 4G/4G Kernel Testing


4G/4G memory split was enabled in all i686 FC2 development kernels
after version .118.  This has caused several problems with various
kernel components that need to be individually isolated, confirmed and
fixed.  This is the master tracking bug for both suspected and
confirmed 4G/4G problems.

Currently known problems:
Broadcom b44 network driver
S3 sleep/resume problems
Savage/IX-MV (MobileSavage) X-server

Please nominate bug numbers as comments within this report, and add it
to the Bug dependency list after they are confirmed 4G/4G problems.

For your convenience I will try to maintain the latest FC2 devel i686
kernels rebuilt here with 4G/4G disabled in order to aid end-user
testing.  Please test both the official kernel and this rebuilt test
kernel and report any differences in behavior.

If you have noticed any kernel behavior that was working in earlier FC2
2.6 kernels but broke recently, then please try the above i686 test
kernel to see if it makes the problem go away.

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