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Re: rpm questions

On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, shmuel siegel wrote:

> I have a number of packages that have more than one entry. For instance
> glibc (2.3.3-20,2.3.3-18) and shadow_utils(4.0.3-21,4.0.3-19).
> I am not using a 64 bit system so I don't think that I should have
> multiple versions.
> 1) Is there an easy way to find all such entities?

If updated by yum - look at yum cache for list of packages. And do
'rpm -q' on these.

> 2) Should I delete the older version?

I had this issue today - and I deleted the older versions. Then I
realised - I should have deleted the newer versions - and try 'yum
update' again.

Since the packages were not in proper install state (rpm -V packagename)
I tried to force a reinstall of these packages from yum-cache by:

rpm -Uvh --oldpackage --replacepkgs *.rpm

Cause for inconsistancy: For me - yum broke (it just hanged haflway
through).  I was in 'strace' - and didn't know here it was hanging -
so I used Ctrl-C - which left duplicate entries in rpmdb for some
packages. Perhaps glibc change somehow messed up rpm underneath? I
intend to do a fresh install fo FC2test3 on this machine - will see
how things go..


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