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Fedora Core 2 and SELinux

Just clarifying what's been posted in a couple of other threads.

SELinux *will* be included in Fedora Core 2 test 3 and the final
Fedora Core 2 release. However, SELinux will be disabled by default.
To install with SELinux support, pass 'selinux' to the installer
on the command line. (Or, configure it appropriately in kickstart).

This was done based on both internal and external testing and feedback
of the current Fedora Core SELinux implementation and policy. At
this point, we feel that it would be potentially damaging to the aims
of both SELinux and Fedora to ship Fedora Core 2 with SELinux
enabled by default.

We're still committed to the integration of SELinux technology,
and we're still working to fix all the bugs we find. Evaluation of
when the right time isto switch it on by default will continue.

What does this mean for those testing with SELinux? Please, continue!
We're still looking to shake out all the issues and make it work.

The Fedora team

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