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Re: Dependancies still missing from rawhide


> > libcroco.so.2 (needed by nautilus, gnome-games and gdm)
> libcroco-0.6.0-1 is around; get it from download.fedora.redhat.com's
> rawhide tree
> > libcurl.so.2 (needed by xine-ui and php)
> curl-7.12.0-2.i386.rpm is also around; install it, and your Rawhide
> dependency should be solved

The problem is that both of them are already installed, but software in
rawhide depends on a newer version - so the software listed which relies
on the older libs needs to be renewed.

I've found another problem - librsvg2 (also in rawhide) seems to be an
additional problem for nautilus, gnone-games and gdm



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